We started Goldart fifteen years ago to bring the latest Advisory practices to developing companies at a cost that is not prohibitive. Our mission statement is clear: Use what we have learned throughout our careers to help these small businesses realize the business opportunities they have set out to achieve.

Personally, my twenty-five year career has included senior Marketing and Financial positions in Consumer, Entertainment and Financial fields. I've completed major product launches, $3 Billion in M&A deals and $million Sponsorship sales. I have degrees in Marketing and Finance and extensive International experience with foreign-based clients.

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Finance CFO Services

Financial and Strategic Planning is the core business activity that preserves, enhances and realizes the full value of an owner’s interests. It includes an analysis of the current business portfolio and its key financial ratios.


Marketing Services

The goal of marketing is to implement business solutions to drive Sales and Brand equity. They include traditional tools (advertising, public relations and promotions) and newer tools (Internet advertising, SEO development).


Business Plans

The first step in all financing activities should be the development of a comprehensive Business Overview document, which details the specific business planning in all essential areas of the proposed or ongoing company.


Business Management

It is axiomatic in business that it’s not the idea, but the execution of that idea that is the difference between success and failure. So many great ideas never met their full fruition because of poor management and business ignorance.


Sale & Purchase Advisory

GOLDART assists in the negotiation by evaluating offers against management’s goals, handling communication between parties and managing work flow to ensure the attainment of the favorable purchase price and deal structure.

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Funding Origination

GOLDART has developed a network of associates and acquaintances that are potential investors in certain projects and may initiate contact with interested parties who may participate in investments with Goldart acting as a broker.

What Clients Are Saying . . .

"I started with Stuart to update my QuickBooks and give my company a business focus that was lacking. I have since used him for marketing, sales and strategic services. It's been incredibly important to have Stuart to complete so many things that I was inexperienced with as well as have someone very knowledgeable to bounce management ideas against."

Barbara Brock CEO, Sold with Style Inc.

About Goldart Consulting

"Stuart has advised me on everything from my messaging to contract details to cash flow and profitability. I always appreciate the depth of his knowledge and his ability to see the whole picture of my business and how the many pieces interrate. I've grown the business and I've grown as a business person. I recommend him without hesitation."

Aurelie Jezequel President, AJ Productions LLC